UFC Star Nate Diaz Once Paid A Fans Rent After He Lost Money On A Bet

once came to the rescue of a fan who struggled to pay his rent, after betting on the UFC star to win his fight with .

Back in November 2019, at UFC 244, Diaz and Masvidal fought for the created BMF title, to decide who the baddest muthaf***er in the UFC was.

The fight in Madison Square Garden was called off at the end of the third round by the doctor, due to two cuts on Diaz’s face, handing Masvidal the victory.

Later the Stockton native posted on and one fan replied to say that he’d lost money betting on the welterweight and couldn’t pay his rent.

Fortunately for the fan, who probably shouldn’t have been betting so much he couldn’t pay his rent, the UFC icon came to his rescue.

Diaz's reply. Image: Instagram
Diaz’s reply. Image: Instagram

Instagram user @unknownkillers213 then posted his own message, confirming Diaz had paid, saying: Update for everyone asking me, Yes Nate actually helped me out Nate is the true OG BMF he sent me more money than what I lost on my bet and I’m using it to buy from his cbd company “Game Up.”

“Nate is a really cool guy when I made that post I didn’t think twice about it I didn’t even think he would see it and I even let him know that I wasn’t really sleeping in my car it was more of a joke but it was awesome the way he responded and the fact that he refunded me and gave me some extra cash just goes to show he is a man of the people !!!”

Alongside the caption the man with more faith in his UFC favourite than sense posted pictures of proof Diaz sent him money.

The proof that Masvidal sent the money.
The proof that Masvidal sent the money.
Images: Instagram
Images: Instagram

Diaz was second favourite going into the fight with ‘Gamebred’ for the title of the UFC’s baddest motherf**ker and the odds proved to be right.

The win rounded off an incredible 2019 for the Miami based fighter, who beat Darren Till and that year, to complete a trio of victories.

Things haven’t gone quite as well for him since, with two losses in two title fights with and he was supposed to face Leon Edwards this month before it was cancelled.

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