Things You Absolutely Need To Know If You Want To Be Anxiety Free

Anxiety has become a common illness that people suffer from. It’s 2019 and life is making each and every one of us anxious. If you are suffering from an anxious lifestyle or you are battling with anxiety, here are the key things you must know. Always remember that you are stronger than you think.

Go Easy On Yourself

This is especially important to remind yourself when times are tough. Giving yourself room and recognise how far you have come is really important. It is very easy to be harsh on yourself because you haven’t reached a certain point or achieved a certain goal in life. Simply give yourself time to take a break and create room for some personal growth is really important.

It is very easy for us to push ourselves too hard especially when you are suffering from anxious thoughts all the time. It is crucial to recognise yourself as a work in progress and allow yourself some time to rewind and reflect. After all, it’s 2019 and no one is perfect. Everyone is working on themselves. 

Things You Absolutely Need To Know If You Want To Be Anxiety Free

Cut Caffeine Out

Cutting back on caffeine can be a key step in relieving anxiousness. Caffeine can increase heart rate which essentially burdens your anxiety. The less caffeine you consume daily, the better it is for your anxiety.

If you are one of those people who absolutely cannot function without caffeine, you could start by cutting back your caffeine consumption or try the decaf options on the market.

Learn To Let Go Of Things

It is common for our thoughts to become muddled and it is hard for us to recognise how anxiety is affecting our lives during anxious times. Learning to let go means you don’t necessarily have to reach a certain point or have achieved a certain goal in life at a certain point. Not everything in life has to absolutely fall into place and you don’t need to rush yourself. Simply give yourself some time.

Social Media Can Be Bad

It is important to realise that social media can have a negative impact on anxiety. The constant scrolling and the endless notifications you receive on a daily basis can create the idea that you have to check your phone perpetually. There is always something new on your feed, someone’s always posting a new post on Instagram, there are always endless posts that require your attention.

Social media can contribute to your anxiety symptoms for that it makes you think that you constantly have to check what you have ‘missed’ on social media, overwhelming your thoughts with endless content. It is also important for us to get social media under control and refuse to let it overwhelm our thoughts.

Note Down Your Thoughts

Keeping a journal and writing down your anxious thoughts is a great way to relief your anxiety. Writing them down can also help rationalising these thoughts and allow you to have a deeper understanding of your emotions.

Writing them down can also help to get your anxious thoughts out of your mind which helps you to reduce anxious feelings. Journaling is also a great habit for you to keep track of your personal growth over a long period of time.

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Things You Absolutely Need To Know If You Want To Be Anxiety Free

Change Your Sleep Pattern

This is probably the most talked-about strategy to reduce anxiety. Going to bed early can have a significant impact on your anxiety as it means you are sleeping longer and allow more time for your body to rest. Going to sleep earlier can also help you as you will wake up earlier, allowing yourself more time to get ready in the morning. This will help reduce the unnecessary anxiousness you might experience with commuting every day.

You Deserved To Be Loved

It is very easy for us to fall down to a spiral of irrational thoughts when suffering from anxiety. It is important to let yourself know and realise that you are still loved by friends and family and you are never alone in dealing with anxiety.

Always keep in mind that you deserved to be loved and appreciated as much as anyone does. If you need to ask for help or simply need a shoulder to lean on during tough times, don’t be afraid to let others know because the worst thing is to go through it all on your own. It might seem like you are the only one in the battle, but always remind yourself that you are never, ever alone in this.

Things You Absolutely Need To Know If You Want To Be Anxiety Free

So here are the things you must know to reduce anxiety. If you have anything you think we should know too then comment down below to let us know!

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