The Best Travel Destinations Around The USA You Must Visit

“It is probably a pity that every citizen of each state cannot visit all the others, to see the differences, to learn what we have in common, and come back with a richer, fuller understanding of America – in all its beauty, in all its dignity, in all its strength, in support of moral principles. – Dwight D. Eisenhower

I love traveling. I first caught the travel bug when I went on my first airplane into the skies with an old best-friend of mine to St. Louis, Missouri back in 2009. I think once you catch the travel bug it never disappears. It’s a rush. It’s like falling in love with someone and constantly wanting to be around them. Just like love, travel not only scares the living hell out of you, but it wakes you up and changes you in some of the best ways humanly possible. Frankly, for us as humans, living on earth is a one stop only and truth is, what we do with our lives is entirely up us. I think it’s important to make our lives extraordinary. Do what you makes you happy and trust your gut. Travel the world and if you find the love of your life, travel with them–there is so much of the world to explore–even in your own back yard.  Now that summer is now here, you are probably unsure of where to travel too. That is why I have a list of Travel Destinations for you to travel too and make memories, even if you’re traveling solo. 


The Best Travel Destinations Around The USA You Must Visit
Yosemite Valley rewards travelers with unforgettable views | © R. Patrick Jennings / Alamy Stock Photo

California forever has my heart. The amount of nature it holds is truly extraordinary and one that almost not be beat. Make sure to put the Yosemite on your Travel Destinations list. It’s home to many animals like bears, bobcats, foxes, deer and a variety of bird species. If you love to rock climb or hike in general, then this is the place for you. Ever heard of Alex Honnold? He is a free-solo rock climbing legend who climbs here. One of his accomplishments is free soloing El Capitan which is just 3,000 feet of sheer rock granite. Don’t forget to bring your camera either as the beautiful views are endless.


Bryce Canyon National Park
Bryce Canyon National Park

Are you traveling to Utah this summer? If so, Bryce Canyon National Park HAS to be on your Travel Destinations list. The best time to visit is May through September because it provides the best warm weather of the year. If you’re an avid hiker like me, then this is truly a hikers dream as long as you are wearing comfortable and durable hiking boots! Be sure to bring your camera, too because the views you do not want to miss and you’ll want to look back on all of the memories you made here because time just seems to fly right on by when you’re here. 


Olympic National Park, Washington
Olympic National Park, Washington

I love Seattle and I love Washington. It’s one of the most beautiful states I have ever been too. If this state is on your Travel Destinations list this summer (or in the future) make sure to visit Olympic National Park. Here are glacier capped mountains, forests that go on forever and many beaches that are hidden and have to be searched for… and wow, are they beautiful. Explore the waterfalls, see rainforests with your own bare eyes and take in the nature that is around you because you will not want to miss out on this place if you’re here. 


San Francisco
Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco is one of my all time favorite places to visit. I have been here numerous times and it never disappoints. I fell in love with the Golden Gate Bridge the second I saw it and I hope to go back soon because I miss it so much. This place is known for its diverse culture, delicious food, friendly people and beautiful views. One thing I wish someone had told me when visiting is how hilly is when walking the streets. Yes, you heard that right. It may look flat from a picture but that is definitely not the case. If and when you visit, make sure to wear a nice pair of walking shoes because I have no doubt you will do a lot of it. Not sure where to go? Take a visit to Chinatown, Alcatraz, ride a cable car, and don’t forget about Fisherman’s Wharf which is one of the most popular attractions here. 


Waikiki Beach

What place is on my bucket list you ask? Hawaii and I don’t just mean Hawaii, I am talking Waikiki. This place is famous for its white-sand beaches, celebrity sightings and it’s a perfect place to learn how to surf and snorkel. What I love about this place is that it’s family friendly and it welcomes EVERYONE. I have so many friends who visit this place every year and all I hear is how wonderful the food, sights and people are. If you’re unsure of where to travel to this summer, I highly recommend putting Waikiki on your list of Travel Destinations. Oh, and send me photos when you go!

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Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles, California

California is my home away from home. I’ve spent more time that I can count in the great area of southern California. My first time here was back in 2016 when I went down to the Laguna Beach area to visit family friends and I’ve been going back every year since. Truthfully, Los Angeles is not of my favorite Travel Destinations but it’s not to say that it’s not many of your friends go-to place. It is known at the entertainment capital of the world with places like the Sunset Strip, Santa Monica, Venice Beach and other landmark museums that are filled with entertainment history. A major? Traffic. With the 3.973 million people who live in this close-knitted area, you are bound to end up in traffic whether it be on a local road or highway. If visiting here, plan wisely and bring lots of money because it is expensive. 


Boston, Massachusetts
Boston, Massachusetts

Oh, Boston. I am slowly and surely loving you with all of my heart and that is only because you’re going to be my new home soon. There is history EVERYWHERE here and that’s because it’s the birthplace of the American Revolution. Go visit the Freedom Trail or the location of the Boston Tea Party and you will be mesmerized by all the history that is around you. A couple of my favorite areas are Fenway Park which is the oldest baseball area in the United States and the Seaport Area that has much to explore with culture, food, drinks and art. Be sure to put Boston on your ultimate Travel Destinations list for this summer. 


Maroon Bells | Sean Xu/Shutterstock

If you were to ask someone who has been to every single state in the United States, I can almost guarantee you that they would say that the most beautiful state (and simply the best Travel Destination) is Colorado. There many outdoor activities to do and places to see. If you’re an avid skier or snowboarder then it’s home to some of the best mountains in the world in places like Aspen, Vail and Breckenridge. Many people also like to go whitewater rafting and kayaking in the Arkansas River or Lake Pueblo. What many people don’t know about this state is that residents live a generally healthy lifestyle because of the many outdoor activities that it holds. There are good food options everywhere and if you want a good beer or two, then Colorado is undoubtedly a beer lovers dream. 

What’s on your USA travel bucket list for this summer? Have you been to any of the places above? Tell us below in the comments. 

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