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We started this platform as a way to share tips and ideas that will make our lives easier. So if you have an interest in helping people or if you simply want to get your name out there, don’t hesitate to send in an article. You don’t need to have a website, a blog, or any alternative agenda. All you need is a little fire inside that wants to help the average person’s life become easier.

Getting Started

We receive dozens of articles each day and it’s difficult to go through all of them. But We do. Guess what, quality wins every time. Grammar, topic, format, spamminess, etc., are all things that weigh in on my decision. If you look at all of the articles on LinkedMa, you’ll notice that we’re big into giving the reader good, honest, actionable advice. That’s what we looking for.

When you’re ready

When you feel that your foundation is built, let’s get moving. Write an article and send it over! Here are the general guidelines:

  • We are not a master at grammar so don’t assume that we’ll catch errors. It’s your name so be sure to send us a good clean copy.
  • No featured pictures are needed. We will handle that aspect of the post.
  • If you are quoting a medical study or any external reference, link to the source.
  • Send a short bio and picture of yourself! If you look at any recent article on this site, you’ll see a “written by” section. Use that as a guideline.
  • All in all, it’s simple; write something that’s honest and researched.

All Articles submitted will be Pending or approved instantly, if you choose so, up to you.

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